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What is the OCI certification?
OCI Certification is a voluntary process of formal recognition of appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities, required for personal trainer position. Certification defines entry-level requirements of competences and offers official recognition to those who correspond to these requirements
Who can apply for OCI CPT?
OCI CPT is available for any person over the age of 18, having High School Diploma and current CPR certificate
Where can I find application form?
Application form as well as other forms you can find in section "Forms"
Where can I find Candidate Handbook?
You can download Candidate Handbook here
What does the OCI CPT exam consist of?
The OCI certification exam are comprised of multiple choice case scenarios which contain 3 distracters and one correct choice. The first 152 items count in the scoring of the examination while the last 20 items are for field testing purposes only. Only one form exists as of April 2018 and each exam item is analyzed for statistical validity between individuals and populations by our consultant psychometricians to ensure fairness and content appropriate material that is consistent with job task analysis research
How long is the OCI CPT certification valid?
The OCI CPT certification is valid during 2 years from the moment of awarding
Where can I get my CPT certificate?
CPT certificate will be sent to the address indicated in application form within 7 days after scores report
When will I get my exam results?
The results of the exam are reported to the candidates no later than a week after passing the test
How should I renew my certificate?
The OCI CPT must provide proof of at least 20 CECs (20 credit hours) of study every two year

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