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The Chairman of the OCI Expert Committee
"Passion to help others to be active and build a healthy life habits developed me as an owner, coach and manager of Smart Fit training, LLC, a small fitness studio in Portland, OR, with strong interpersonal, communication and entrepreneurial skills"
  1. Owner and Fitness Director, Smart Fit Training, LLC May 2015- present
  2. Personal trainer LA, Fitness, INC, Jan 2013-April 2015
  3. Assistant Project Manager, Alpha Community Development, Portland, OR
  1. NASM and OCI, Personal training certificate, 2013
  2. NASM and OCI, Personal training certificate, 2013
  3. National Personal Training Institute, Portland, OR
  4. Moscow State Aviation Institute (Technical University), Russia 1999
The Chairman of the Expert Committee is the primary point of contact for the psychometric consultants/testing company, and supervises the role and function of exam administration vendors

  • JTA analysis
  • Expert review of the test tasks
  • Maintaining bank of the exam items
  • Consulting the Disciplinary Committee during hearing appeals concerning disagreement with exam decisions
  • Drawing up instructions for the testees and the inspectors
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